HECATE, 2013
Oil paint, spray acrylic paint, gesso, canvas, gold leaf, compostable sponge board, and solar panel garden string lights in blue on 40 gallon recycle bin.

As an artist working with many mediums to a model using elements both of nature and not, I am always aware of what this Earth has to offer and gives to us. Air, water, food, beauty, life-so much. And what are the ways I can do to help reduce my waste for the planet and bring awareness to others? Luckily enough I was able to a selected artist for the TRASHed Coachella Recycled Art program to help do just that. Make art to bring awareness about saving our planet by recycling!

Click the image to view a video time-lapse of the first "Hecate" face of my art recycle bin for the TRASHed Coachella 2013 project. 6hrs46min29sec condensed into 5min22secs. Enjoy!

Big thank you to Global Inheritance for giving myself and many other artists this wonderful opportunity. Please check out their website at globalinheritance.org for more information about their art and recycling awareness programs!